Emsi Skills

It's time for people, education and work to speak the same language.

About Emsi Skills

We believe the key problem driving the skills gap is a disconnect between the way people, employers and education providers define and communicate skills terms to one another. To overcome this, we have created a Language of Skills that helps us better define:

  • The skills people have
  • The skills employers need
  • The skills education providers teach

This Language of Skills forms an intrinsic part of the Supply and Demand data in our data tool, Analyst. It can also be accessed via a number of free online resources, including a Skills Library, Skills Extractor.You'll find details of each of these by scrolling down or clicking on the appropriate box below.

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Emsi Skills Library

Skills Library

The Emsi Language of Skills is built on our Skills Library - an open-access resource we have created by curating millions of global job postings and professional profiles, extracting the most commonly used skills terms that describe the world of work. The Library currently contains more than 35,000 skills terms relating to the world of work, and this is updated every two weeks to add new skills, and remove those which are obsolete. You can go to the Library to explore how skills relate to the labour market, or request full access via a free API, by clicking appropriate button.

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Skills Supply & Demand

The skills terms which make up our Skills Library are extracted from our Job Posting Analytics and Profile Analytics. These datasets represent employer demand for skills and the supply of skills in the workforce, and they are available within our online data tool, Analyst. This is an easy-to-use platform, providing users with the most comprehensive and up-to-date Labour Market Insight in the UK. To find out more about how Analyst can help your organisation understand skills supply and demand in your area, or to arrange a demo, click on the button.

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skill extractor
Emsi Skills Library

Skills Extractor

Our Skills Extractor technology, can pick out Emsi Skills terms from any descriptive text or document and translate it into the Emsi Skills language. For instance, an employer might put a job description into the tool, or an education provider might run course descriptions through it, and it will instantly highlight every skill term that has relevance to the labour market. The Skills Extractor is available as an enhancement to the free Emsi Skills API or via the Skill Sync module of Analyst. Click the buttons below to try it out for yourself and learn more about Skills Sync.

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